dog looking out a window in los angeles

Understanding the Serious Impact of Dog Bites

We enjoy dogs. And for the most part, if we treat them well, they will return the favor. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Here are some sobering statistics:

  • There are over 4.5 million dog bite sufferers every year.
  • Of those, nearly 1 million require medical attention.
  • Dog bite cases have increased more rapidly than the national increase in dog ownership.
  • On average, 15 victims of dog bites die every year, with the greater part of them being children.

Take Legal Action for Your Dog Bite Injury

Dogs are like friends and family, but they also have the potential of inflicting a great amount of pain on humans. If you have suffered a dog attack, you have legal rights.

California has the highest number of dog bites and dog-related fatalities in the US. The odds of getting bit by a dog in this state are high. If it happens to you, you need to seek a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer. We have the best skilled connections, the necessary resources to engage in expensive personal injury litigation, and a reputation that gives us the advantage in winning these types of cases.

Contact MI ABOGADO® as Your Personal Injury Attorney in a Dog Bite Case

If you’ve suffered a dog bite due to another’s negligence, it’s crucial to ensure your rights are protected and you’re compensated fairly for your injuries. As a victim, reaching out to a skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney like MI ABOGADO® can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Don’t hesitate—contact us today, to help you navigate this challenging time and fight for the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.